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Rapaia and Obrebski reported on two patients with tabes dorsalis; their follow-up at 10 and 9.5 years confirmed the success of the THA, although one patient suffered two atraumatic postoperative dislocations [3].
Las alteraciones pupilares son el sintoma mas comun en los pacientes con tabes dorsal, y se puede encontrar pupilas de Argyll-Robertson en un 31-50% de los casos (16).
Category 4: myelopathy with acute, subacute or chronic dysfunction of the spinal cord, including tabes dorsalis.
Just like in secondary syphilis, the patients with tertiary syphilis can get a systemic involvement with neurosyphilis (asymptomatic, meningeal and vascular, parenchymatous with general paralysis, tabes), cardiovascular syphilis (coronary disease, aortitis, aortic aneurism), ophthalmic involvement (iritis, chorioretinitis, optic atrophy).