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TABOOAssociazione Italiana Tecnologie Avanzate Basate su Concetti Orientati Ad Oggetti (Italian)
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Expectation of getting first hand information from the king in Ara was dashed as the community had been without a king for nine years but the Ekeerin (fourth In-Command) of Ara community, Chief Moses Adeoye said, 'we heard the story from our forefathers that rearing of dogs are forbidden in Ara and we have taken it as taboo, which we have been observing for centuries.
There are many superstitions associated with Lunar New Year and a Taiwanese numerology expert has listed five traditional taboos adult daughters must observe today (aao), the second day of the Lunar New Year festival.
It was only last year that Taboo went public about his struggle with cancer -- now in remission after a gruelling series of chemotherapy treatments.
Due to this Western-inspired taboo, Ahounou says he was worried about reactions to his work in Benin and the expected rejection.
On Tuesday, Taboo tweeted a vintage photo of the original members of The Black Eyed Peas: him, will.
In several instances in the KJV-based Beulah version of the Yoruba Bible, there are many cases of veiled taboo expressions whose interpretation largely draws on contextual variables such as shared situational knowledge (SSK), shared religious knowledge (SRK), inference (INF), etc.
Taboo kept his ordeal private but told People magazine he started to write lyrics reflecting on his struggle with the disease.
Can't the taboo against talking about both be broken?
Her well researched explanation based on constructivist approach is that normative ideas about morality and legitimacy have led to the development of a collectively held, self-reinforcing norm of non-use of nuclear weapons, or a nuclear weapons taboo.
Scenes from the first trailer for Taboo have already caused another storm - as he strips off completely naked in his role as adventurer James Delaney.
Perhaps one of the best examples of a campaignslowlychippingawayata taboo topic is the autism campaign runningintheUAE.
In this part by using the division of different classification of taboo words made by Nada Qanbar, researcher is going to enlighten different strategies used to translate and present them in table.