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TABSTotally Accurate Battle Simulator (gaming)
TABSTennessee Animal Biogeographic System
TABSThe Association of Boarding Schools
TABSTelemetry Asynchronous Block Serial
TABSTexas Automated Buoy System (offshore weather and ocean conditions)
TABSTemperament and Atypical Behavior Scale
TABSTelephone Accounting and Billing System (call accounting software)
TABSTeen Age Bible Study
TABSTelevision Advertising Bureau (Surveys) Ltd.
TABSTerminal Administration and Billing System
TABSTechnical and Business Services
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--$22 million RDA housing TABs series 2006 A and SA housing TABS 2016 series A (housing TABs) at 'A'.
TABS products require minimal training or IT support, enabling those using them to get up and running quickly and effectively.
The Chromium team reports to seeing '25 percent fewer busy background tabs' with the update.
The FCC filing also revealed that the tablet bears the model number SM-T320, further supporting the earlier assumptions that the device belongs to the family of slates that is known for now as the Galaxy Tab 3 series.
* Trade Promotion Measurement, Planning and Optimization services through the TABS Promo Advantage bundle of services.
There are numerous configurations of tab washers including: internal tab, external tab, internal/external tab, multiple internal/external tab, and locking tab washers.
After extensions, the second major feature to come with Opera 11 is tab stacking.
This means that the data is suitably bucketed into logical groups, providing a first or second level tab for each bucket.