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TABUTowards A Better Understanding
TABUTypical Army Balls-Up (military slang)
TABUTowed Array/Breakout Unit
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A partir de estos se genero una ecuacion del modelo dinamico, sobre el cual se hace un proceso de minimizacion del MAPE obtenido por medio de un algoritmo Tabu.
The downfall of Gadhafi and his allied tribes in the area have seen the Tabu gained control over the borders.
Freud: A cien anos de Totem y tabu (1913-2013) no solo cuenta con las contribuciones mencionadas sino con un aparato propedeutico de relectura armado con cartas de Freud a Cari Gustav Jung, Sandor Ferenczi, Ernest Jones, Wilhelm Fliess, Oskar Pfister, Karl Abraham y un texto poco conocido de Thomas Mann.
In the first phase, the initial parameters are first searched by GA algorithm by taking advantage of its various searches of the solutions, and the best parameters are selected by Tabu search algorithm in the second phases.
Totem y tabu posee entre sus hallazgos la convergencia de la psicologia individual y la psicologia colectiva en un espacio compartido y es definido por los compiladores de esta antologia como un mito cientifico, "es el escandalo que el psicoanalisis introduce en el corazon del saber moderno como efecto de la alta estima en que Freud tuvo la confluencia de mito y logos".
On his part Mohamed El-Megarief, the president of the National Congress, said that the reconciliation between the tribes of Tabu and Awlad Suliaman is the first step on the way to build new Libya for all Libyans and with institution and the rule of law.
While depriving us of expository dialogue and character-building miniature conflict-resolution patterns, Gian Luca's voiceover narration sets Tabu on a path of disarming clarity.
Este estudio trata de recoger, por medio de encuesta, una muestra de vocabulario del tabu sexual respecto de lo que la poblacion opina que usa o no usa, y sus posibles sustitutos lexicos.
Libya's Tabu have kinsmen living across the border in Chad and the defence ministry said it has sent militia and national army soldiers to the southern border in case other African tribes try to join the fight.
After Qaddafi's fall, the National Transitional Council assigned the Tabu to police the nearby borders with Chad and Sudan to stop smuggling - a trade dominated by the Zwia.
Three heuristic algorithms, based on Simulated Annealing, Tabu Search and Genetic Algorithms, were developed in order to solve a problem in forest harvest planning consisting on a cutting sequence for 20 stands, in a planning horizon of seven years, such as to minimize harvest costs and meet the annual demand of wood for a pulpwood mill.
Actress Tabu had her hair tied in a bun and sported a black and beige suit.