TABVTeam Australia Beach Volleyball
TABVTheater Air Base Vulnerability (US Air Force)
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(24) Higher Labor Court (as Court of Appeals; Landesarbeitsgericht) of Dusseldorf, November 14, 2005, 10 TaBV 46/05.
It appears likely that the mitotic index of a melanoma increases as its blood supply increases (angiogenesis), making the mitotic index an important prognostic factor among individuals with high TABV counts.
They identified tumor-associated blood vessels (TABV) in 200 melanomas via the use of serially step-sectioned specimens cut at 0.5-mm intervals, and counted the number of TABV in five separate fields, The degree of tumor vascularity was the single most important histopathic factor determining overall patient survival, with a risk ratio of 2.47, surpassing that of tumor thickness (1.08), ulceration (1.47), microsatellites (1.54), and mitotic index (1.96).