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TACAMOTake Charge & Move Out
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There are 16 aircraft assigned to Strategic Communications Wing 1, also known as TACAMO for Take Charge and Move Out.
Aircraft 409 was the last TACAMO aircraft to be solely dedicated to the mission of sending messages to Trident missile submarines.
Antennas come in all sizes -- from microantennas a mere 60 microns in diameter to the 28,000-ft.-long, very-low-frequency, trailing-wire antenna of the US Navy's E-6B TACAMO (Take Charge and Move Out) aircraft.
While operating out of NAS Patuxent River in early July, LANT Crew 4 was scheduled for a six-hour TACAMO mission in an OPAREA over the Atlantic Ocean.
The E-6A provides secure, survivable, jam-resistant strategic communications while performing the Navy's TACAMO mission.
Hiding the US Navy's E-6B Take Charge and Move Out (TACAMO) aircraft antenna would also pose a challenge.
COMNAVAIRLANT VFA-131 VFA-103 VAW-124 HS-3 HSL-48 HSC-26 VP-30 VS-22 VX-1 COMNAVAIRFOR VFA-192 VFA-27 VAW-115 HS-6 HSL-49 HSC-21 VPU-2 VQ-1 (EW) VQ-3 (TACAMO) VAQ-134 (Expeditionary) VAQ-139 (Pac deployed) VAQ-130 (Lant deployed) COMMARFORCOM VMFA-122 VMGR-252 VMM-266 VMAQ-3 VMM-162 VMAQ-1 VMU-2 HMH-464 VMR-1 VMFA(AW)-224 COMNAVAIRFORES VP-62 VR-46 VR-51 VR-57 VR-62 HSC-85 VFC-111 VAQ-209 COMNAVAIRSYSCOM VX-31 FRC, Southeast CNATRA VT-2 VT-7 VT-10 VT-21 VT-27 VT-35 HT-18 COMMARFORPAC HMM-262 VMGR-152 VMGR-352 HMLA-267 HMH-363 HMM-364 HMM-166 HMM-161 HMLA-169 HMLA-369 VMA-311 MCAS Yuma VMFA(AW)-242 COMNAVAIRFORES VP-62 VR-46 VR-51 VR-57 VR-62 HSC-85 VFC-111 VAQ-209 CG FOURTH MAW HMM-764 HMLA-773 (-) HMLA-773 HMLA-773 Det.
But even these OTH antennas pale when compared to the pair of trailing wire antennas deployed by the US Navy's E-6B Take Charge and Move Out (TACAMO) aircraft.
COMNAVAIRLANT VFA-86 VFA-143 VAW-123 HS-15 HSL-42 HSC-26 VP-30 VS-32 VX-1 COMNAVAIRFOR VFA-147 VFA-154 VAW-115 HS-6 HSC-21 VP-40 VQ-2 (EW) HSL-37 VAQ-138 VAQ-137 (Pac deployed) (Lant deployed) VAQ-142 VQ-7 (TACAMO) (Expeditionary) COMMARFORCOM HML/A-269 VMR-1 VMM-263 VMGR-252 VMFA-251 VMAQ-1 HMM-365 VMAT-203 VMAQ-3 VMFA (AW)-533 COMNAVAIRSYSCOM Naval Test Pilot School Fleet Readiness Center, Southwest COMMARFORPAC HMM-262 VMGR-152 HMH-463 HMH-362 HMH-363 HMM-268 VMA-211 HMM-161 HMLA-369 VMA-311 VMFA(AW)-242 VMFA(AW)- MCAF 121 Kaneohe Bay COMNAVAIRFORES VFC-12 VFC-13 VP-69 VR-1 VR-54 VR-56 VR-58 HSL-60 CG FOURTH MAW HMLA-773 HMLA-775(-) HMLA-773, Det.
The contract is for equipment and technical data used in support of the US Navy AN/ALR-66(V) systems used on the SH-2F G helicopter, P-3B/C aircraft TACAMO aircraft and Pegasus class guided missile patrol combatants....