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TACCOTactical Coordinator
TACCOThe African Child Charity Organisation (Hampshire, England, UK)
TACCOTactical Coordinating Officer
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Nella seconda novella, Ghino di Tacco organizza il convito non solo per manifestare la sua liberalita, ma anche per conquistare la benevolenza dell'abate, al quale rivolge un discorso che svela la verita sul suo conto e la sua grandezza d'animo:
Data gathered by the MPOs is then relayed to the TACCO, who "takes the sensor information and determines where we're going to go with it," said Lt.
The TACCO sends us the points from their station and we set up our flight management computer to accept these points while the autopilot flies the aircraft, requiring only supervisory inputs from the pilots.
(10) Showing a penchant for rewriting Dantean characters, Boccaccio portrays Ghino del Tacco and Pope Boniface within a positive perspective, thereby closing another circle, the one opened by Dante, who mentions Ghino del Tacco's cruelty (Purg.
The TACCO and SEM are always on the alert for suspicious behavior that might single out one unknown contact as the target.
Lo e attraverso gli occhi del suo predatore, e qui vale la pena ripetere due citazioni: "ai piedi un paio di sandali di fettucce variopinte a tacco alto, sopra ai quali le sue gambe magre si affannavano sgraziate ...
Smoke and fumes continued to build in the cabin, and our TACCO called for us to continue with the FOUO checklist.
Dropping and returning to new buoys as quickly and as frequently as possible, the TACCO would drop SUS--Sound Underwater Source (dynamite with fins)--NAV would mark the drop point on his Dead Reckoning Trace, and the Julie operator would listen and watch his gear for the results.
Il suo e un taielleur molto aderente e femminile, la gonna appena sopra il ginocchio e scarpe con tacco alto.
Timothy Bierbach, a senior tactical coordinator (TACCO) and VP-16's maritime weapons and tactics instructor.
Every instructor on our aircraft had been involved in several SARs, and these scenarios are covered on every PPC and TACCO qualification board.
Le scarpe femminili con il tacco alto e il cinturino intorno alla caviglia.