TACCSTactical Army Combat Service Support Computer System
TACCSTax Credit Compliance System
TACCSTactical Air Command & Control Specialist
TACCSTheater Air Command and Control System
TACCSTactical Air Control Center System
TACCSTactical Airborne Command Control & Surveillance
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Using a deterministic, annualized steady-state model, this study provides a quantitative evaluation of the total number, total catch, and ex-vessel gross revenue (hereafter termed revenue) of abalone harvested under 10 monthly fishing scenarios in which the proportion of either the current TACC or current number of greenlip harvested was varied among months.
In 2011, the greenlip TACC was 69 t bled meat weight (~207 t whole weight) at a minimum legal size of 145 mm in shell length.
For HS[DELTA]CN, we used the current region A TACC (69 t meat weight) to determine the number and value of greenlip harvested for all scenarios.
The proportion of TACC harvested each month ([P.sub.TACC](m)) was prespecified for each intraseasonal fishing scenario tested (Fig.
However, for HS[DELTA]CW, the TACC was varied such that the number of greenlip harvested under each scenario was [C.sub.N] = 277,481, which matched the mean annual number harvested from scenario 1 with the current TACC of 69 t derived from HS[DELTA]CN.
The mapping section of Taccs C4I is run by Mapx, an ActiveX component that allows developers to integrate mapping functionality to any application.
For most of these fisheries, species-specific CPUE is either not estimated (Bene & Tewfik 2001, Basurto 2006, Kinch 2002, Uthicke & Conand 2005) or is estimated only for that species comprising the highest proportion of the total allowable commercial catch (TACC) (Hart et al.
However, these measures need to be calculated because each species has a separate TACC, which is reviewed annually following species-specific stock assessments (e.g., Chick et al.
The catch for PAU7 fell fell from 67 t in the 2001/02 fishing year to 156 t in 2003/04 (including TACC cuts plus a voluntary 15% "shelving").
It did not consider altered asset value through changes in TACC or quota value, nor economic flow-on effects of abalone fishing activity.