TACEDTechnology Applications Center for Educator Development
TACEDTank Appended Crew Evaluation Device
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HOW VVD HAS SORTED OUT JURGEN'S DEFENCE Before With VVD VVD Premier League games 130 55 Goals conceded 141 48 Goals conceded per game 1.08 0.87 Clean sheets 47 26 Clean sheet % 36.2 47.3 Shots faced 1180 481 Shots faced per Game 9.08 8.75 Shots on target taced 404 163 Source: Opta
The institution to be engaged tor providing services to meet the above stated objectives will be required to undertake a comprehensive analysis of issues taced with current technologies/materials/construction methodologies being used in India, international best practices, material/technology recommendations based on safety and cost benefit analysis, on ground implementation recommendations, proposed modifications to Indian Roads Congress (IRC) codes and other engineering specifications needed to accommodate new technologies and materials along with their on-ground execution approach.