TACESTactical Exercise (various locations)
TACESTexas Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (Austin, TX)
TACESTechnical Analysis and Cost Estimate Schedule
TACESTactical Electronics Squadron
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An inscription, which in accordance with the custom of the monastery he had written above his door, impressed and touched me; all the precepts of the life that I had meant to lead were there, summed up in three Latin words--Fuge, late, tace."
The fuge, late, tace of the Carthusian brother is my motto here, my death to the world is the life of this canton, my prayer takes the form of the active work to which I have set my hand, and which I love--the work of sowing the seeds of happiness and joy, of giving to others what I myself have not.
This may be due to an acute angulation at the origin of the vessel, particularly in cirrhotic livers, or when the vessel is diminutive/atretic as may result from prior TACE or anti-angiogenic therapy.
During this pilot study, follow-up clinic appointment and imaging (multiphase CT or MRI) was performed at 1 month and 3, 6, 9, and 12 months after TACE. Radiologic tumor response, based on contrast-enhanced MRI or CT, was assessed by measuring the treated tumors and categorizing the percent change in tumor enhancement into four categories (complete response, partial response, stable disease, disease progression) as defined by modified RECIST criteria (11, 12).
Over a 16 month period, segmental/subsegmental TACE was attempted in 21 patients (15 males; median age, 61 years; range, 49-82 years) with HCC.
In case of progressive disease with multiple tumors, lobar Y90 or TACE was performed.
This microcatheter was indicated for use in treatment of tumors supplied by tortuous, diminutive vessels and even weblike atretic vessels such as arteries following multiple rounds of prior TACE or in severely cirrhotic livers.
A number of studies have described effective use of "balloon-occluded TACE" (B-TACE) for conventional lipiodol based TACE since 2013 (20, 21).