TACFToronto Airport Christian Fellowship (Toronto, Canada)
TACFThe American Chestnut Foundation
TACFThe ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) Cancer Foundation
TACFTemporary Alteration Control Form
TACFTivoli Access Control Facility (IBM Redbook: SG24-2021-00)
TACFTactical Air Control Facility
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TACF, founded in 1983, has been working for the past 30 years to breed blight-resistant American chestnuts by backcrossing them with Chinese chestnuts, which are naturally resistant to the fungus.
Currently, TACF has nuts that are about 15/16 American chestnut and 1/16 Chinese, which should offer some blight-resistance while retaining the American species' traits.
He said they have been encouraged by their progress to date and will continue planting trees in forests and monitoring their progress, along with the trees planted at TACFs research farm in Meadowview, VA.
After two more backcrosses, TACF had a tree which was 15/16 American and 1/16 Chinese, which it hopes will uphold the beauty and adaptability of the American chestnut.
To confirm each backcross, TACF tested the created seedlings by inoculating them with blight.
Although their mission statement is "to walk in God's love and then give it away," worshipers at TACF, like many North American pentecostals, seem content to savor one mountaintop experience after another.
At a recent TACF service, John Arnott warned the congregation that for some people persecution means prison; but for others, perhaps it is "being surrounded by affluence and to have your heart drawn away by it.
All IBM/Tivoli customers will receive a dollar-for-dollar credit of their initial TACF license fee against the initial license fee for either CA's ProtectIT or Unicenter TNG.
Over the last 20 years TACF has driven that research.
Starting with a cross between Chinese chestnuts (the source of blight resistance) and American chestnuts, TACF staff and volunteers create increasingly American-like seedlings by repeatedly crossing back to American parents.
Our SeOS Access Control technology is a key part of TACF, Tivoli's solution for distributed systems security.