TACFToronto Airport Christian Fellowship (Toronto, Canada)
TACFThe American Chestnut Foundation
TACFThe ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) Cancer Foundation
TACFTemporary Alteration Control Form
TACFTivoli Access Control Facility (IBM Redbook: SG24-2021-00)
TACFTactical Air Control Facility
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O maior crescimento da parte aerea no substrato TACF pode estar relacionado com a maior quantidade de nutrientes encontrados neste tipo de substrato (Tabela 1), ou, em funcao da adicao de materia organica, houve maior retencao e disponibilidade de agua para manter a turgescencia e metabolismo da parte aerea.
Os resultados do comprimento de raiz evidenciam que nao houve aumento do comprimento da raiz nos diferentes tratamentos, no entanto, observou-se que as plantas cultivadas em substrato TACF, apresentaram maior massa seca de raiz.
These qualities also made American chestnut wood prized for siding, shingles, and split rail fences (TACF 2007).
The natural range of the original American chestnut stretched over 200 million acres of eastern woodlands, from Maine to Florida, and from the Piedmont plateau in the Carolinas west to the Ohio Valley (Figure 1, TACF 2007).
O TACF compreende uma avaliacao antropometrica e fisica dos militares, onde sao aferidas as medidas de altura, peso, pregas cutaneas, testes de flexibilidade, percentual de gordura, forca e velocidade.
TACF, founded in 1983, has been working for the past 30 years to breed blight-resistant American chestnuts by backcrossing them with Chinese chestnuts, which are naturally resistant to the fungus.
A nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring the American chestnut to its native eastern forests, TACF's work has been a painstaking effort that involved crossing the tall American chestnuts with the much shorter, blight-resistant Chinese chestnuts, planting them and waiting for the seedlings to grow--a time frame of 6 to 7 years.
Since 1983, TACF has been working on a hybridization program to transfer the Chinese chestnuts' resistance to the blight to the American chestnut.
Department of Agriculture, the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station nod recently at TACF show that high levels of resistance to the blight will be present only if all the genes defending against the blight are from the Chinese tree.
In his book The Father's Blessing, TACF's pastor Arnott wrote that he has spent "disproportionate amounts of time discussing and explaining" these signs.
Every autumn, members of TACF chapters and affiliates from Maine to Indiana head for the woods for "chestnutting": collecting nuts to be used in our breeding program at our research farms and at out-planting stations all across the East.
In attendance were members of the Berlin Conservation Commission, fifth-grade teacher Ann Rossow from Berlin Memorial School - along with 33 students, Rufin Van Bossuyt and Elizabeth Hammond from The American Chestnut Foundation (TACF), and Kathy Desjardin from the Mass.