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TACFIRETactical Fire
TACFIRETactical Fire Direction System (Army)
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AMPS will allow the Army Aviator to access Joint Common Database data from the Maneuver Control System ("MCS"); receive situational data from the All Source Analysis System ("ASAS"); interact through TACFIRE messages with in-flight OH-58H Kiowa helicopters; and review the latest weather situations from the Integrated Meteorological System ("IMETS").
Backwards compatible with TACFIRE and 16K data modes, the SINCGARS system improvement programme (SIP) airborne radio is integrated with a COMSEC and data rate adapter, which combines three line replaceable units (LRUs) into one, thereby reducing overall weight of the aircraft.
The IDM V304 also provides critical linkage to the military's legacy data communications systems of AFAPD, TACFIRE, MTS and IDL.