TACHYThe Audience Can Hear You (theater)
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Tachyzoites (actively proliferating trophozoites; tachy means fast) are crescent-shaped infectious trophozoites observed during the acute stage of infection and may be found in any organ but occur most commonly in the brain, skeletal muscle, and heart muscle.
Anderson's take-home message: If the patient is "hot, dry, tachy, and wacky, think antihistamines."
The definition of primary cardiac events is aspulmonary edema predicted on chest radiograph or bycrackles heard over more than one-third of posterior lung fields, sustained symptomatic tachy or bradycardia required treatment, heart failure requiring treatment, endocarditis identified by standard criteria, thromboembolic phenomenon (stroke, pulmonary embolism, deep venous thrombosis, valve thrombosis), acute coronary syndrome, require for urgent invasive cardiac procedures through pregnancy or within 6 weeks after cardiac arrest, delivery or cardiac death.
Besides, 8(3.8%) patients had major bleeding, 20(9.7%) had cardiogenic shock, 62(29.9%) had brady or tachy arrhythmia and 42(20.2%) had heart failure.
The antimicrobial peptide tachy [leisin III coated alone and in combination with intraperitoneal piperacillin-tazobactam prevents ureteral stent pseudomonas infection in a rat subcutaneous pouch model.
A fall in heart rate <50 is considered as brady cardia and > 90 is treated as tachy cardia.
Patients with Ebstein's anomaly already have a high propensity for tachy arrhythmias and paradoxical embolism, for which we avoided the insertion of central venous catheter.