TACLANTactical Local Area Network
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The two companies are working with the US Government to enable future platform and mission capabilities for the TACLAN FCD-W program, which is designed for the dismounted soldier and incorporates a suite of Situational Awareness and Digitally Aided Close Air Support applications, including ATAK, mobileJECL and ATRAX supporting VMF, Link 16, SADL and ANW2.
Taclan says Keepod can make the Mangyan more aware of their rights.
Taclan says there are plans for Keepod to ask companies not to throw away their old computers and to give them instead to schools.
TACLAN E replaced circuit-based bulk encryption and provided packet encryption over the black network instead.
This proof of concept showed that converged networking using TACLANEs (KG-175's) is a viable solution, in lieu of traditional multiplexed DISN WAN services.
For meeting the requirements of the German Army, SEL Alcatel has developed its TACLAN (TACtical Local Area Network), which is currently being put into service.
SEL Alcatel promoted its TACLAN intercept-proof fiber-optic local area network for command post communications.