TACLANTactical Local Area Network
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Designed for operation on the purely local headquarters level, TACLAN consists essentially of two common basic component types - field-deployable fiber cables and so-called network access units (NAU).
The primary goal of the TACLAN program is to provide tactical automation connectivity with flexible interfaces to communications, databases, and mission applications to deployed units and remote operators.
We are excited to fulfill the evolutionary TACLAN requirements of USSOCOM's Special Operations Forces and work beside them to meet their objectives and goals," said Carla Barilla, iGovTech President.
iGovTech expects growth in the services area to increase to 60 percent in five years because of Team TACLAN.
The team is unmatched in its experience, capabilities, and past performance on the current TACLAN Program, as well as that of related programs," said Manning Bolchoz, Program Manager and Vice President of iGovTech.
The Taclans arranged for Keepod to bring the flash drive to the school.