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TACLANETactical Local Area Network Encryptor
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General Dynamics Mission Systems has introduced Agile virtual local area network (VLAN), adding capability to TACLANE encryptors by enabling users to send and receive layer two and high assurance Internet protocol encryptor (HAIPE) traffic, the company said.
The TACLANE can be used on both ATM and IP networks, and is a smaller, less expensive device than the FASTLANE encryptor.
Agile VLAN helps TACLANE customers adapt and optimize secure data moving through the enterprise and supports evolving network infrastructures, applications and environments for continued mission success.
The strategic ADN stack consisted of a Black Core switch, NIPR router and switch, SIPR & CX-I TACLANE and switch.
5 million, features a PCMCIA cryptocard, which plugs into GTE TACLANE units and performs data encryption and decryption under a wide range of protocols.
So the strategic ADN stack consisted of a Black Core switch; NIPR router and switch; SIPR & CX-I TACLANE and switch.
COMSEC deals with FM keys, TACLANE keys, load sets, and simple key loaders.
In the FOB configuration, where there is a CPN, the KG-175 TACLANE encrypts the signal coming from and to the distant end PIDU/ODU and sends it to the CPN where routing and signal distribution occur for the JNTCS and/or OS Spectra.
Other networks are tunneled through the NIPRNET with TACLANE type 1 encryptors.
The router is then connected to a Cisco 3560G switch via its Ethernet port, and then to each network's appropriate TACLANE device.
With the installation of data packages and TACLANEs at each BCT HQs, SFC Larry Martin and Gallagher were able to link each BCT TACLANE providing the ability to use additional gateways located at DMAIN, DREAR, and 2/25 BCT HQs.
Each IKSS terminal is fielded with one TACLANE for encryption of the Ku link into SIPRNET, tunneling of NIPR through a second TACLANE was achieved by harvesting an existing TACLANE that resided in each S1/S4 vehicle within the battalions.