TACMTransit Air Cargo Manifest (regulations)
TACMTallahassee Antique Car Museum (Florida, USA)
TACMTecumseh Area Historical Museum (also known as Tecumseh Area Historical Society; Tecumseh, MI)
TACMTactical Air Command Manual
TACMTactically Advanced Combat Mount (lighting and mounting system)
TACMTorpedo & Acoustics Countermeasures
TACMTrace of the Average Covariance Matrix
TACMT-1 Access Circuit Master
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In this research, TACMs were prepared using electrostatic droplet techniques, and morphology, size distribution, cytotoxicity test, and hemolysis assays of TACMs were performed in vitro.
Morphological Examination and Size Distribution of TACMs. The internal and surface structures of microspheres were observed using scanning electron microscopy (SEM, JEOL JCM-5000, Japan).
The hemolytic potentials of TACMs were measured by a universal method similar to the earlier report [21, 22].
Liver Artery Embolization with TACMs. Fifteen animals (beagle, male, 20-25 kg) were divided into three follow-up groups: 72 h, 4 w, and 12 w groups.
Banff 97 scoring system was applied to classify the inflammatory changes and giant cell score was used to quantify the extent of foreign body reactions after TACMs embolization [24].
The Embolic Effect of TACMs Mixed Thrombus In Vivo.
Then, 3mL whole blood was drawn from the artery sheath and was rapidly mixed with 0.5 mL TACMs in a 5mL syringe to form TACMs and whole blood mixed clot as embolic agent.
Morphological Examination and Size Distribution of TACMs. The TACMs were successfully prepared under very mild conditions without high temperatures or covalent cross-linking agents using electrostatic droplet technique.
Hoffman was not the first lawsuit brought in connection with TACM and Alamo.
The only analysis the court did was to differentiate the facts of Ondrisek from the prior two cases involving abuse in TACM. (322) The third prong of the Gore Test undeniably received short shrift from the Eighth Circuit in the instant case.
This included not traveling outside of the TACM compounds unaccompanied, not speaking to outsiders unless it was to "witness," not attending public school, not watching television, and not listening to the radio.
A aplicacao da TACM ao mecanismo L-H significa que a evolucao temporal da cobertura media das especies [OH.sub.ads.] e [CO.sub.ads.] obedece as seguintes equacoes diferenciais [73] derivadas a partir das equacoes (6), (7) e (8):