TACMSTactical Missile System
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In this research, TACMs were prepared using electrostatic droplet techniques, and morphology, size distribution, cytotoxicity test, and hemolysis assays of TACMs were performed in vitro.
Morphological Examination and Size Distribution of TACMs. The internal and surface structures of microspheres were observed using scanning electron microscopy (SEM, JEOL JCM-5000, Japan).
During tests in fiscal year 2001, the contractor was not able to deliver TACMS block II missiles with fully functional BATs, said the report.
In defense of the TACMS block II program, an Army source who did not want to be quoted by name noted that, during the past decade, the service has added new "desired features" to the BAT, such as the ability to chase dispersed fast-moving columns of vehicles, that were not reflected in the original design.
PHOTO : The Army TACMS is packaged in Multiple Rocket Launcher System (MLRS)-size launch