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TACOTactical Communications Protocol
TACOTargeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out (Firefox add-on)
TACOTransactions on Architecture and Code Optimization
TACOTactical Communications
TACOTexas Association of Campground Owners
TACOTransfusion-Associated Circulatory Overload
TACOTactical Coordinator
TACOTexas Anesthesia Conference for Obstetrics
TACOTest and Checkout
TACOTiered Approach to Cleanup Objectives
TACOTactical Office (Patriot system computer tool)
TACOTenant Activities Company
TACOTotally Arbitrary Collectable Object (gaming)
TACOTime, Amount, Color, Odor (things to note in the event of amniotic fluid rupture)
TACOTechnical Advisors Company
TACOTata Autocomponent Systems Ltd (India)
TACOTargeting and ATO Change Officer
TACOThe Acronym Control Officer
TACOTelescope and Accelerator Controlled with Objects
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pdf) Del Taco has the lowest calorie, quick-fix selection with its Crunchy Value Taco.
This new taco will be available in all Taco Bell Canada restaurants from coast-to-coast.
Consider these tips the next time you're ordering a meal of tacos.
VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): pita bread, potato wedges, grape, strawberry, and cappuccino syrups, hot sauce packet, taco sauce, soy sauce packet, malt vinegar packet, salsa, apple turnover
Even the sodium--all 1,662 mg of it--tops the rest of the Taco Bell menu.
There are several other varieties of tacos such as the tofu taco or popular breakfast egg taco.
The visiting Golden State Warriors took a road win in Cleveland against the Cavaliers in Game 3, activating the taco giveaway.