TACOM LARTank Automotive Command Logistics Assistance Representative
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After studying all that he had been provided, the senior TACOM LAR for the division briefed the division G-4's maintenance officer and the LSE chief on his finding that the division's HAWKER batteries were not, in fact, dead.
This training was scheduled, and the technician taught battery maintenance to more than 75 mechanics, 9 battery shop local nationals, and 7 TACOM LARs.
The TACOM LARs are aligned with Army field support brigades.
Although TACOM LARs are not permanently stationed or positioned to support the Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, or Coast Guard, on many occasions, LARs provide support to other services for TACOM-supported equipment.
* TACOM LAR action officer if one is attached to your unit
* racks do not need to be certified by your local TACOM LAR
As a TACOM LAR, I encounter Soldiers who are firing blanks through the M249 machine gun's short barrel with the standard barrel blank firing attachment (BFA) installed.
TACOM LARs from LAO-2ID were onsite at Camp Carroll to assist with the draw.
For help with wheeled and tracked vehicles, small arms and most types of equipment we cover here in PS, TACOM LARs are terrific resources.