TACOM-RITank-Automotive and Armaments Command - Rock Island Arsenal (US Army)
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If you have questions, contact TACOM-RI's Kelly Karcher at DSN 793-6094, (309) 782-6094, or email
If you have a local TACOM-RI logistics assistance representative (LAR), contact him for help on what forms you need to fill out and for shipping instructions for your XM107.
If your XM107 or M107 ever needs repair, contact your TACOM LAR or the TACOM-RI phone numbers and email listed previously.
Once TACOM-RI receives the PQDR, they will send instructions for replacing the bad racks.
LRU New P/N NSN Position indicator box (PIB) 12992057 1290-01-508-7223 Gun control unit (GCU) 13007291 1005-01-541-7231 System control box (SCB) 12992083 1005-01-541-9684 Commander's sight control panel (CSCP) 12992085 5895-01-541-8031 Gunner's sight control panel (GSCP) 12992093 5895-01-541-8030 Power control module 1 and 2 (PCM 1/2) 12992098 1010-01-541-9685 Power control module 3 (PCM 3) 12479532 1650-01-542-1185 Turret power box (TPB) 12992104 1010-01-541-9683 If you have questions about the LRUs, contact TACOM-RI's Todd Hawotte at DSN 793-8628, (309) 782-8628, or email: todd.hawotte@us.army.mil
If MWO 9-1005-213-30-1's trigger block hasn't yet been applied to your M2s, contact TACOM-RI's MWO Coordinator at DSN 793-1054, (309) 782-1054, or email: vanya.cowser@us.army.mil
For technical questions on the M240H, contact TACOM-RI's Dennis Bowrey at DSN 793-5943, (309)7825943, or email: dennis.bowrey@us.army.mil
Units that do not have the new guns should contract the TACOM-RI headshed to get them.
If you have questions about the M249, contact TACOM-RI's at DSN 793-1918, (309) 782-1918, or email: @us.army.mil
To clear up confusion, TACOM-RI is adding these steps to the quarterly inspection of the receiver that begins in WP 0010 on Page 00-23.