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TACPTake a Chill Pill
TACPTouring y Automóvil Club del Perú (Spanish: Touring and Automobile Club of Peru)
TACPTactical Command Post
TACPTetramine Copper Perchlorate
TACPTechnical Analysis of Cost Proposal
TACPTactical Air Control Party/Post
TACPTechnology Assessment and Control Plan
TACPTheater Ammunition Control Point
TACPTheater Air Control Party
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Additional courses that address hot-button issues are available for TACP, including Gifts and Entertainment,Hazing Prevention, Sexual Misconduct, and Use of Social Media.
At all levels, the Army airspace command and control (A2C2) element coordinates Army aviation integration and deconflicts fire support requests with the fires cell and the TACP.
I felt a responsibility in the aftermath of this event to make sure that the Army did not lose confidence in the TACP community and the Air Force's inventory of CAS aircraft and weaponry.
At the time, it was going to be at least three years before the USAF got any TACP Strykers, but it took Colonel Smith just a short while to get things accelerated.
While many consumer electronics companies continue to move their operations overseas, TACP continues to focus a significant amount of its product assembly at TNP.
Key: FSE, fire support element; TACP, tactical air control party; A2C2, Army airspace command and control; GLO, ground liaison officer; FAC(A), forward air controller (airborne); ABCCC, airborne command and control center; BCE, battlefield coordination center (Army); ASOC, air support operations center; CRC, control and reporting center (USAF mobile C3 radar threat warning, battle management, theater missile defense, etc.
TACP is being facilitated through the Texas Center for Educational Technology (www.
The TACP modernization program involves four main products, a dismounted multi-band radio, a laser range finder, a computer software suite and a vehicle-mounted package radio.
TACP, headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, markets and sells a full line of home entertainment products, including high definition flat panel TVs, Blu-ray Disc[TM] players, TV/DVD combination products and portable DVD players.
We would like to clarify the roles and responsibilities of current TACP members discussed in Captain Young's ITC proposal.
Each TACP included both an attack helicopter pilot and a fighter pilot or weapons systems officer as assigned ALOs.
A workstation was created in the left-hand side of the passenger compartment of the Stryker, opposite the radios, in much the same way a TACP (tactical air control party) Stryker is set up.