TACSATTactical Satellite
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I used TACSAT and FBCB2 to update battalion, but 2nd Platoon also eavesdropped on company net and relayed reports through their platoon net to COP Monti.
Contact me for questions about RESET, overhaul and rebuild of the TACSAT terminals.
TACSATs such as Spitfires can be used with greater ease in changing environments.
Using a new Harris TACSAT waveform, offered as part of the end-to-end service, users will be able to actively manage their channels by splitting the capacity into multiple networks for simultaneous users - a significant improvement over current levels of capability.
Training included not only the PRC-117 Single Channel TACSAT equipment that our Soldiers had zero experience with, but also multiple Security+ classes in an effort to ensure not only our brigade, but 1st Infantry Division as a whole, was trained and properly compliant with FORSCOM guidance regarding information assurance requirements.
A: TACSAT (The primary communication method between aircraft).
The DRAGON-V has a mounted One-Station Remote Viewer Terminal (OSRVT) to assist with watching the UAV feeds, a blue force tracker (BFT) to monitor the unit's locations as well as a contingency for communications, two Advanced Systems Improvement Program (ASIP) radios as the primary method of communications, a TACSAT radio for long distance communications, and a generator.
Due to the limited number of available Tactical Satellite (TACSAT) channels within a given theatre, HF ALE is proving to be a reliable over-the-horizon communications replacement for TACSAT.
Furthermore, the Single Channel TACSAT network used the new integrated waveform protocol--a replacement for the shared Demand Multiple Access Protocol.
Keeping my truck between the hill and me, I reached through the cab and grabbed the TACSAT hand-mike.
SINCGARS, FBCB2, HCLOS, TACSAT, and other systems provide critical voice and data links to units on the move or those that do not have access to larger communication networks.
In the future, additional systems are being considered for issue, to include the VRC-100 ALE HF radio, additional SINCGARS radios, TACSAT 117F, GRC-240 UHF/VHF radio, and an Iridium satellite telephone.