TACSITulsa Area Community Schools Initiative (Tulsa, OK)
TACSIThyroid Adenylate Cyclase Stimulating Immunoglobulins
TACSITactical Air Control System Improvements
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Dyma nofel yn y genre noir sy'n mynd a ni i fyd erchyll dihirod go iawn - byd y gangsters a chymeriadau hynod dreisgar o'r is-fyd sy'n dod i effeithio'n fawr iawn ar fywyd Madog Roberts, y gyrrwr tacsi diniwed o Fangor, sy'n digwydd cael ei lusgo i ganol y cyfan gan ei gariad, Rhiannon.
There's been a fair amount of sheer stupidity, too - complaining that Welsh "makes up" words like ffonio, tacsi, sgitsoffrenia and so on?
Who cares if Tacsi is all in Gaelic - it has subtitles!
Website http://www.ipso.co.uk / telephone: 0300 123 2220 / email advice@ipso.co.uk CEFN Tacsi Cyf ON Page 15 of yesterday's Daily Post we reported how jailed Express Motors director Kevin Wyn Jones was refused a new operator's licence for Penrhyndeudraeth-based CEFN Tacsi Cyf.
Whaton earth does making up daft words such as "Tacsi", "Traffig", "Campws", "Bws", "Ambiwlans", "Lifft", "ffonio", "golffio" and -most insulting to the mentally-ill - "sgitsoffrenia", have to do with progressingWales in the world economy?
It's happening, and would only happen, in Wales, the land where we are all supposedly as patriotic as it gets, where we insist on displaying the translation for taxi - 'tacsi', where we insist on having a toothless White Elephant known as the Welsh Assembly, but where we can't even be bothered to protest loudly enough so that the pubs that are the central point of our communities show OUR teams in action, with OUR flag to advertise it.
The only bit of Gaelic I know is "uisge beatha" (surprise, surprise), but it doesn't stop me enjoying the inventive Scottish arts show Tacsi. This week, sax maestro Tommy Smith even indulged in a bit of Gaelic jazz (Peat Kelly's Blues?)
Kevin Wyn Jones had sought a three-vehicle licence for his new company, Penrhyndeudraethbased CEFN Tacsi Cyf, and the Traffic Commissioner for Wales heard evidence at a public inquiry in July.
Wrth gwrs, doedd dim tren yn ein disgwyl yn hwyr y nos yn Abertawe a threfnwyd tacsi i ryw 15 ohonom i Gaerfyrddin.
They are joined by a host of local and underground acts including Drymbago, Ysgol Glanaethy (who competed on BBC One's Last Choir Standing), Banda Bacana, Latin Groove Collective, Tacsi, Sundance and EFA Supertramp.
Old familiar Welsh words such as ambwlance, tacsi or bws?