TACSITTactical Situation
TACSITTactical-Situation Display
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Since any product or strategy must work in a variety of places and scenarios, it makes sense to create a representative number of TACSITs.
Tactical Situations (TACSITs) are scenarios based on real-world conditions used to shape and forecast future operations.
Figure 2 describes the creation and continuing improvement of TACSITs. As with almost any project, an ongoing feedback loop will increase productivity and potential contribution.
TACSITs should contain the scenario outline, the missions of the command(s) involved, the threat assessment, and the risk assessment (risk spreadsheets with standardized criteria).
Actual TACSIT scenarios vary with each program or project.
The subject matter in the box marked "Input/Preparations" reflects the work of Figure 1, and is needed to make the TACSIT realistic and actionable.
Team members assigned to various positions (e.g., friendly forces, host country, Command Center, enemy) "game" the TACSIT by iteratively introducing changes and simulations into the scenario, such as (to name a few):
Make sure the TACSIT is comprehensive and ready to be modeled.