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TACSOPTactical Standing Operating Procedure
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To monitor the entire process and ensure the units were in compliance with the TACSOP, the staff established a fusion cell led by the battalion executive officer.
If you have one in a Microsoft Word Format, upload it to the TACSOP section by Following SOP Library submission procedures.
Courtesy of the 4th Inf Div, the Logistics Network (LOGNet) now offers TACSOPs on-line:
The end product of Table IV is each platoon's draft TACSOP that will be initially validated in Table V.
Include TACSOP items in your OPORD; that information is already known.
Don't just visually inspect; ask questions concerning each Soldier mission, TACSOP, etc.
TOC systems must constantly be analyzed, and improved when and where necessary, while being integrated into the unit's TACSOP and TOCSOP.
However, by the end of the train-up, we established the load plan and incorporated it into our TACSOP.
Overall, the 6-month train-up was an essential element to developing the TACSOP for operations at the NTC and future combat operations.
SOPs, often referred to as TACSOPs, are effective references for those who may be unsure what is required of them during operations/training.