TACTEDTactical Trunk Encryption Device
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The two participants for whom we administered transfer of training probes both tacted objects in novel contexts.
The participants in the present study reliably tacted objects during the play routine.
Although we believe it is unlikely that Mayra and Earl would have tacted target stimuli without instruction, we are not able to claim that the intervention was completely responsible for the emission of target responses under novel contexts.
During probe sessions for echoic responses, the experimenter presented a picture to the participant and tacted the picture.
A tacted controlling variable may have been the cause of the verbal behavior (VB); if so, the VB is true (reacted to as such by listeners).
A tacted controlling variable may not have been the cause of the VB; if so, the VB is false (reacted to as such by listeners).
It is the tacted controlling variable of the act of invasion that some people consider false because they believe that the true controlling variables of invasion are different.
In the case of nonverbal behaviors that are tacted by a speaker (as in the previous example), a verbal operant is true if both the speaker and listener agree on the controlling variables of the nonverbal actions the utterance tacts.
When collecting data for the five minute sessions in the treatment phase, the researchers noted that, although the tacts emitted by the students were almost never the specific tacts that had been taught to the students during the implemented tacting procedure, the stimuli that the students tacted during these times were often closely related to the stimuli that were taught during the tacting procedure.
Using these definitions the authors have been able to design treatments that have been effective in training behaviors previously tacted to be acquired as a result of generalization, or considered un-teachable in the general community (discussed in future papers).