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TACTICSTactical Information Control System
TACTICSThrombolysis and Counterpulsation to Improve Cardiogenic Shock Survival (clinical study; cardiology)
TACTICSThe Automated Conveying and Transfer of Intermodal Cargo Shipments (EU)
TACTICSTri-Service Advanced Countermeasures and Threats Integrated Combat Simulation
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The tactics of great captains on land and sea can be infinitely discussed.
At my words the others of the first line, who had been interested spectators of my tactics, seized upon great boulders or bits of rock, whichever came first to their hands, and, without, waiting for a command from Gr-gr-gr, deluged the terrified cave men with a perfect avalanche of stone.
You have seen that you were beaten soundly at your old tactics of strike and boycott," Ernest urged.
No matter what you do under your old tactics, you are doomed to defeat, if for no other reason because the masters control the courts.
Thereupon the birds changed their tactics, and by common consent soared above the balloon.
Foes' puerile tactics have done nothing but increased popularity of the Nawaz Sharif', the daughter of Nawaz asserted.
Our work is critical to extending the access and reach to fight our adversaries in their safe havens," said a Special Tactics Airman.
While the soft tactics, like ingratiation, have been substantially investigated in the past similar investigation of hard tactics such as upward appeal, and coalition, has relatively lagged, even though the latter have been discussed elsewhere in other contexts e.
Krav Maga Professional Tactics" includes 954 detailed photographs and is the most up-to-date presentation tactics relevant to the most common violent scenarios.
On Tactics is well worth the readers time, and appropriate for both junior and senior officers.
Pakistan's asymmetric tactics must be totally different from opponent's tactics", they said, listing a "few practicable steps" to achieve their goal.
Tactics is critical to visualization because organization is a key component of military operations.
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