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TACVTransportes Aereos de Cabo Verde (Portuguese: Air Transportation of Cape Verde)
TACVTactical Vehicle
TACVTracked Air Cushion Vehicle
TACVTransplant-Associated Coronary Vasculopathy
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In contrast, TACV faculty are primarily focused on teaching, seeing service-learning as an innovative pedagogy that fosters civic and course learning outcomes that may lead to integrating theories from other fields.
TACV is the official airline of Cabo Verde and offers twice weekly flights on Tuesdays and Thursday aboard 757 (210 seat) aircraft to the city of Praia on the island of Santiago.
The IMF also welcomed "encouraging progress" in operational terms and performance of companies that are strategic for the Cabo Verdean state, including the flagship airline TACV (see box above) and the Electra power company.
Diverse filter strips had higher bird densities and TACV than all other buffer types, thus supporting our prediction that bird use would be positively correlated with structural diversity, a byproduct of planting regimes.
Governor Gina Raimondo said, "Our Cabo Verdean community is strong and vibrant, and I want to welcome TACV Airlines to T.
In the resolution the government cited the positive effects of this funding and the importance of TACV in the national economy, the development of tourism and in the creation of the airline business grouping.
Gina Raimondo, Warwick Mayor Scott Avedisian and Green State Airport officials are to announce that the new airline flying from the airport will be TACV Cabo Verde, the national carrier of Cape Verde, which will be offering flights to Portugal, the Azores and Cape Verde.
During the non-availability of a de-facto national airline, Guinea Bissau was in attempt to allocate its share of bilateral air service rights with Portugal to third party operators like TACV - Cabo Verde Airlines (VR, Praia) and Ten Airways (X5, Bucharest Baneasa).
Plans for TACV Cabo Verde Airlines and Cape Verde's main airport (Sal) include alliance with a global firm, investment in a new fleet of aircraft and new regional routes to boost the number of tourists to 2.
As per Minister Cristina Duarte, her government had talked over the matter with its Angolan counterpart over the last five years although there are no negotiations for the two companies to become associated, in addition, TACV and TG complemented each other in similar spheres and gave assurances whether they got together they would have a lot to achieve, given that the aviation market in West Africa is still waiting for a big partnership to come along to provide a better service.
The TACV representative, Laura Mariano, said that the B737-800 CBY had departed from Praia airport for Poland Friday flown by a Cape Verdean crew and a maintenance team that will accompany the work implemented at Linetech (Poland) in order later to deliver the plane to the ILFC.
A group from the Chinese firm had visited Cape Verde recently, and examined the archipelago s airports with spokesmen from TACV and state airport company Aeroportos e Seguranca Aerea (ASA).