TADBTi Amo Di Bene (Italian: I Love You Very Much)
TADBTax Administration Data Base
TADBTerrain Analysis Database
TADBTaxpayer Account Data Base
TADBTherapeutic Abortions Database (Canada)
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CpaB, CpaF/TadA, TadB, pilQ/Cpac, pilV, flp1, flp2 (genes associated with type IV pilus secretion), chemotaxis protein (MCP: methyl accepting chemotaxis protein, chemotaxis protein CheY), heat-shock protein (GroES and GroEL), cell wall-associated protein (wapA), host interaction (hit) locus orf.
Executive summary - Data limitations, therapeutic abortions database (TADB), 2003.
Inequality in Intersectoral Allocation of Develop- ment Expenditures (taDB) 0.112 0.185 11.