TAEDTetra Acetyl Ethylene Diamine
TAEDThe Adaptive Evolution Database
TAEDTelex Automatic Emitting Device
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Thus, addition of TAED as an activator is an effective way to reduce the temperature of oxygen based bleach.
Further trials are planned to optimize the TAED addition and chlorine dioxide savings.
TAED or Tetrcetylethylenediamine is an organic compound utilized as a peroxide bleach activator for household detergents.
Dr Baxter will visit America next month to investigate a potential new market for the company's TAED (tetraacetyl ethylene diamine)product.
It said dialogue with the EU and the US should focus on support for an effective Biosafety Protocol, but not negotiated in the WTO; support for mandatory GMO labelling; and access and input of the TAED into biotechnology policy development.
Environmental Protection Agency) approval for TAED (Tetraacetylethylenediamine) powder and granular grades in biocidal applications.
Warwick, which next year celebrates its 25th anniversary on its Dee Estuary site at Mostyn, is the world's number one supplier of TAED detergent additive,having cornered 52pc of the world market.
And this year's outbreak of the killer SARS virus in Pacific Rim countries is helping fuel demand for Warwick's TAED detergent additive which also kills germs.
dollars) reflecting an increase in TAED volumes and higher sales at the international marketing and distributions units.
As formulations of our Mykon TAED bleach activators improve, and Western advertising impacts on the local population, we can expect an increased demand for our products.
Specialty Chemicals: Sales at Warwick International advanced 16% in the second quarter (7% excluding the benefit of translating local currency sales into US dollars) reflecting an increase in TAED volumes and higher sales of the international marketing and distributions units.