TAESLTexas Aero Engine Services, Ltd.
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The combination of reductions in demand and lack of future growth opportunities for the business has led Rolls-Royce to request the closure of TAESL, which American Airlines has accepted.
TAESL was originally established in 1998 to work on Rolls-Royce aircraft engines operated by American Airlines including the Tay 620/650, RB211, and Trent 800.
About 600 American Airlines employees currently work at TAESL, including 500 who are represented by the Transport Workers Union of America.
American reportedly had four AMTs qualify for the individual Diamond Award, TAESL had two and American Eagle had one.
Until its closure in early 2016, TAESL was a maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) facility run as a 50-50 joint venture between American Airlines and Rolls-Royce.
American Airlines and TAESL have received the award for three consecutive years and American Eagle has received it for the second consecutive time.
TAESL has a proud history of supporting Rolls-Royce to serve American Airlines and other customers over many years.
Our primary concern is for American Airlines team members working at TAESL. They have consistently delivered quality work and made significant contributions to American and Rolls-Royce.
TAESL is a joint venture between American Airlines and Rolls-Royce that repairs and overhauls certain aircraft engines for clients of Rolls-Royce.
TAESL, a joint venture between American Airlines and Rolls-Royce, is the North American overhaul facility for the RB211 and Trent engines.