TAFALTeach A Friend A Language (competition)
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(25) Spiritual power that the Lord enjoys: veyyatu or tafal umif cakkarak kai the Lord in his hand owns a disc that spits fire venkatarku ennai vitikkirriye.
Na puchho kih kyon "qaf" se ibtida hai Kih yeh ishq mein hurf-e akhir pada hai Zamane mein jo ishq kiintiha ho Voh us tafal ke ishq ki ibtida ho Na puchho kih kyon darmiyan hurf "ya" hai, Kih bas yar hi yar dil mein basa hai; Pada "sin" akhir mein us ka sabab kya, Kih akhir sa'adat hai anjam us ka [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] Don't ask why [his name] starts with "Qaf": That is the last letter of love [ishq] What in this world is the end of love, Is for this child only the beginning Don't ask why his name has "Ya" in the middle In his heart there is nothing but his beloved [yar] And "Sin" is at the end, what's the reason?
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