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TAFSTreasury Appropriation Fund Symbol
TAFSTerminal Forecasts
TAFSTactical Aerodrome Forecasts (US DoD)
TAFSTheatre and Film Studies
TAFSTerritorial Army Foundation Scheme (UK MoD)
TAFSTextured Acrylic Finish System (Dryvit or similar brand)
TAFSTEXCOM Automated Field-Instrumentation System
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ENDNOTES: (1) See the cylix reproduced by Gerhard, Abhandlungen, taf. 5,4.
With no intention of dissing the meteorologists who do a superb job in keeping us pilots safe with aviation forecasts, this all begs the question as to why the TAFs seems well ...
First, it's up to each meteorologist whether or not to use the LAMP as a jump-off point, at least according to my local NWS Weather Forecast Office responsible for issuing local TAFs. To be fair, any reticence to do this could reflect the sparse data (until now) showing the accuracy of the LAMP for ceilings coupled with the fact that some of these meteorologists might rightfully have a lot of faith in their extensive experience.
Whether you are looking for fencing, timbers, decking, railway sleepers, natural stone paving, concrete paving, artificial grass or aggregates - TAFs has a range of products to suit all.
James Berry, director of TAFs Garden Co, said: "Our friendly and experienced staff are keen to help, whether you're looking for an individual fence panel or complete garden makeover.
En cualquier caso, la fiabilidad test-retest obtenida es muy semejante a la encontrada, sobre la version de adultos (TAFS), por Rassin et al.
Segun Rachman (1993), la TAF (Thought-Action Fusion: fusion pensamiento-accion) es una creencia segun la cual los pensamientos y las acciones de dano se consideran equivalentes.
Times have changed, of course, and there have been dramatic improvements with global models, but the TAF standards are still driven by inertia and bureaucracy.
The specific forecast periods found in the NWS TAFs are presented in several ways.
BECMG was used in NWS TAFs until about 10 years ago but was dropped, (it's still in the AIM, though).
In their entry in the Federal Register, the FAA and NWS supplied a list of FA substitutes; surface weather analysis charts, prog (prognostic) charts, significant weather charts, TAFs, and AIRMETs (airmen's meteorological information).
If the FA disappears without a replacement, using current products would burden pilots by requiring the filing of alternates when not needed--because the ceilings and visibilities aren't sufficiently differentiated--or using airports with TAFs.