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TAFTTrans Atlantic Fisheries Technology Conference (various locations)
TAFTTechnical Assistance Field Team
TAFTTraining Analysis Feedback Team (US Army)
TAFTTaranaki Arts Festival Trust (est. 1991; New Zealand)
TAFTTest, Analyze, Fix and Test
TAFTTraining Assistance Field Team
TAFTTodays Aircraft Flying Tomorrow
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Taft fought Roosevelt idea for idea, which aside from opening the way for Wilson to step in between, isolated Roosevelt, clarified his radicalism, and allowed Taft to champion principles of constitutionalism and judicial review.
On one of the key issues in the campaign--how to deal with the trusts--Roosevelt favored an interventionist approach by the government, while Taft had summed up his philosophy this way: "A national government cannot create good times.
There was also a danger that Dewey and Taft would join forces against him.
Taft did not mention the crucial point that there are various contentious issues (e.