TAGLITTaking A Good Look at Instructional Technology
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The efforts of the Government and organizations such as Taglit, who supported and promoted the increase in Israeli tourism, are currently considered to be a success.
(26) Taglit Birthright Israel, FAQs, available from http://www.birthrightisrael.com/site/PageServer?.pagename=about_faq#40
"This is a new subject, and so we had no prior policy," said Taglit Birthright's CEO, Gidi Mark.
In the summer 2012 season, Israel Outdoors sent 105 Taglit - Birthright Israel groups to Israel.
Taglit has brought over 350,000 young adults to Israel from around the world.
Taglit is open to young Jews (even those with one Jewish parent) who are between the ages of 18 and 26 and have not been on a peer trip to Israel.
What kind of local Jewish community does the Taglit-Birthright tour envision or hypothesize their alumni will be part of, given that all the tours are organized through the centralized agency of the Taglit foundation?
The Birthright Israel family and fellow participants extend our heartfelt condolences to the family at this sad time, a statement from Taglit said.
The contribution of hundreds of thousands of Taglit graduates to the nature of the discourse surrounding Israel, to strengthening its image around the world and to creating a living bridge between them and the young generation in Israel is succeeding in fundamentally - and positively - changing processes which until recently were considered "historical determinism."
"Taglit is the largest educational project of tourism on the planet and you have come here from all corners of the earth.
As part of the expanded criteria for participation, "second-timers" =97 youth who have already participated in an Israel trip =97 will be eligible for the heavily subsidized Taglit Israel experience.
The Taglit rate is over 70%" Additionally, "Taglit alum are raising Jewish children, even if intermarried."