TAHBTransient Assisted Harmonic Balance
TAHBTemple Area Home Builders (Temple, TX)
TAHBTrial Advocacy Honors Board (Whittier Law School; California)
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Tahb Rais: The most effective formats have been those that tell a good story and get the audience's attention for a few minutes, rather than those using 'cool' technology.The success list includes interactive social/mobile apps and video, although we still need to do some standout work in interactive video, but we'll get there in 2013.
Tahb Rais: Agencies need the know-how and credibility to make digital happen.We need connections planning expertise that seamlessly integrates all things digital into the audience's journey to purchase.
Tahb Rais: We've seen more social/mobile apps, more digital content, more social CRM (and less banners) than previous years.Where the region has to do better is in relevance (not all things digital have added real 'value-to-life'), performance,and in video content.In 2013 it'll get better.