TAHIThe Application Home Initiative
TAHITe Aronga Hou Inaianei (New Zealand support agency)
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and the Yokogawa Electric Corporation in Japan, TAHI testing has become a highly respected method of testing IPv6 functionality, interoperability, and RFC conformance.
Elmic's IPv6 TAHI test platform consists of an ARM7 running the ELX real- time operating system and utilizes TAHI test suite version 1.
For our IPv6 product, we developed our own automated test suite to verify API functionality, and we use the TAHI test suites (http://www.
The TAHI project was formed in 1998 as a joint effort between University of Tokyo, UDC Corporation and Yokogawa Electric Corporation and has today become a highly respected conformance and interoperability test method for the IPv6 functionality in TCP/IP stacks.
The TAHI test suite will now become a permanent part of the IPNET validation system to maintain IPv6 conformity and interoperability.
The Memorandum of Understanding calls for the immediate implementation of the due diligence period which upon completion, will result in the issuance of 24,000,000 TAHI restricted shares in a tax-free exchange.
Choufani that there will be a number of similar mergers between TAHI and other stock portfolios that have recently depreciated so dramatically in value and caused similar great losses.
1) sailikutele, mille tahis koosneb tahtede ja numbrite kombinatsioonist, viidatakse edaspidi vaid sailiku numbriga.
Peggy Zeldes knows tAhis - she has coffee every morning among the fruits of her labor.
Obviously the lower the dollar the better, but I'd be a lot happier with an 80-cent dollar than with an 86-cent dollar," said Robert Chambers, president of the Great Lakes and Tahis Pacific Region for Canadian Pacific Forest Products.
Thinking it over, I realized why tahis was happening.
Tahis on see, et korgeima ideoloogilise voimu allikas ehk Rooma paavst ei votnud Tallinna puskopitooli oma otsese kontrolli alla.