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TAHITITerrestrialized Alien Host Integrative Tissue i (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
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It was precisely because of that affair in 'Frisco that I did not discharge you in Tahiti. God knows you gave me sufficient provocation.
-- The survey of the Galapagos Archipelago being concluded, we steered towards Tahiti and commenced our long passage of 3200 miles.
-- At daylight, Tahiti, an island which must for ever remain classical to the voyager in the South Sea, was in view.
The missionaries have tried to persuade the people to change this habit; but it is the fashion, and that is a sufficient answer at Tahiti, as well as at Paris.
From the highest point which I attained, there was a good view of the distant island of Eimeo, dependent on the same sovereign with Tahiti. On the lofty and broken pinnacles, white massive clouds were piled up, which formed an island in the blue sky, as Eimeo itself did in the blue ocean.
When one reflects on the effect of intemperance on the aborigines of the two Americas, I think it will be acknowledged that every well-wisher of Tahiti owes no common debt of gratitude to the missionaries.
He who compares these three accounts will, I think, form a tolerably accurate conception of the present state of Tahiti. One of my impressions which I took from the two last authorities, was decidedly incorrect; viz., that the Tahitians had become a gloomy race, and lived in fear of the missionaries.
"Take my advice and never go to Tahiti. It is a lovely place, and so are the natives.
We made sail and tried to clew off, when the rotten work of the Tahiti shipwrights became manifest.
The gentle dame was not sufficiently evangelical to endure this, and, fearful of further improprieties, she forced her husband to relinquish his undertaking, and together they returned to Tahiti.
Accordingly, Paul Gauguin Cruises, operator of the super-luxury cruise ship in the South Pacific, is offering a two-week sale on select 2019 & 2020 Tahiti, Bora Bora, French Polynesia, and South Pacific voyages.
Oman Sail was led by skipper Stevie Morrison and the crew comprised Abdulrahman al Mashari and Quentin Ponroy in Tahiti.