TAHNTexas Association of Hostage Negotiators
TAHNTexas Alliance for Human Needs (Austin, TX)
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We strive to do even better with Empires of Tahn.”
The Laplacian eigenvalues [[lambda].sub.N] = 0 [less than or equal to] [[lambda].sub.N-1] [less tahn or equal to] ...
In 1979, national arts reviewer Jamie Portman lauded 25th Street Theatre, and "its irrepressible artistic director," Andy Tahn, for rising above a perpetual lack of money and facilities to realize a rich, sustaining vision of a populist theatre that "reaches out to the ordinary people, tugging at their hearts and stirring their minds" and relates "uniquely to the psychology of the particular community which it serves." (3)
If we assume that our background is free air with [[epsilon].sub.b] = 1, since for every kind of substrate [[epsilon].sub.s] > 1, then -1 [less than or equal to] [eta] < 0; therefore, [[epsilon].sub.s] [greater tahn or equal to] [[epsilon].sub.b] = 1.
The State Tourism Department (STD) estimates that roughly 1.75 million tourists visited Lithuania in 2011, 17 percent more tahn in 2010.
Furthermore, the fullest benefit (tamam al-intifa) from these plants after harvesting require further work, like wheat (al-qamh) that, after reaping (hisad), requires threshing (al-diras), winnowing (al-dharw), sifting (gharbala), cleaning (tanqiya) and milling (tahn), and sieving (al-nakhl), (23) and kneading (al-'ajn), and baking (al-khabz) so that it can be rendered fit to be consumed.
AAPT's Head of Corporate Communications Tahn Shannon said the research results highlight the significance of technology costs for Australian households and the importance shopping around for the best deals.
A total of 463 reports of postvaccination syncope during January 1, 2005-July 31, 2007 (Figure), were identified among persons aged [greater tahn or equal to]5 years, compared with 203 reports during 2002-2004.
Children had the chance to meet a Buddhist monk called Tahn Manapo, who explained his beliefs and lifestyle.
Similarly, besides serving her family water and milk, typical "American" drinks, Arax fills their glasses with tahn, a yogurt-based beverage (48), which, like her salad, signifies her and her family's emerging bicultural identity.
(3.12) E([|[F.sub.kk](z)|.sup.p]|{[[alpha].sub.j]} j[not equal to]k) [less tahn or equal to] C