TAHVTexas Association of Healthcare Volunteers (est. 1944; San Angelo, TX)
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Nucleotide sequencing of amplified DNA fragments that, in combination, span the entirety of the TAHV S segment was used to positively identify XJ0625 viral RNA as TAHV RNA (data not shown) (15).
To determine whether persons in the region were becoming infected with TAHV, we collected serum samples from 323 persons who visited an outpatient clinic in Jiashi County and its adjacent counties in Kashi from August 18 through September 20, 2007.
To determine whether the initial illness of the patients was associated with TAHV infection, in December 2007 (95-127 days after collection of the first sample) we obtained a second serum sample from 10 of the IgM-positive patients.
We isolated TAHV from mosquitoes in China and detected IgG consistent with TAHV antibodies in 13.
In general, clinical symptoms of TAHV infection are milder in adults than in children (7).
Lower frequency of TAHV antibodies has been detected along the lower reaches of the Vltava River.
A similar situation occurred in the Central Bohemian flooded area, where antibodies to TAHV were detected in a low proportion of residents <20 years of age.