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The documents are additional evidence supporting Straumann's claim that the Taib family has secretly transferred hundreds of millions of dollars in illicit assets from the Malaysian state of Sarawak to family properties in Canada, the US, Australia and the United Kingdom.
Straumann criticized the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) for their inaction on the Taib case
"We alerted FINTRAC and the RCMP back in 2010 on the Taib family's illicit businesses in Canada.
He underlined that these were empty threats which were not followed up by legal action from Taib's lawyers.
"Taib Mahmud knows that the facts as exposed in my book are true and will not dare to go to court.
Straumann, who is a historian by training, told The Malaysian Insider that attorneys acting on Taib's behalf had sent a legal letter to Amazon and his publishers to stop the book from being published.
"I have done two years of extensive research to prove that Taib does have a financial empire worth billions.
"Taib ran the state for over 20 years, his reign was unchecked and he set up various businesses using his four children and 10 siblings as proxies or nominees," Straumann said.
Boyert was the former chief operating officer of a company owned by Datuk Seri Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Abdul Taib, Taib's son, in the United States.
Straumann said Boyert had revealed that Taib owned properties worth about US$80 million in San Francisco and Seattle, which he helped administer on Sulaiman's behalf.
Companies in the United States owned by Taib included Sakti International Corporation, Wallysons Inc and W.A.