TAICSTennessee Association of Independent Colleges and Schools (Nashville, TN)
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The coagents examined in this study were: TAIC, SRTMA, PBD/MA and solid PBD/MA.
The rheometer data also show the maximum torque values of the TAIC and SRTMA formulations to be higher than the PBD/MA formulations' torque values.
TAIC at 2 phr resulted in lower Eb than both of the SRTMA formulations, but at 1 phr it was outperformed by the SRTMA formulations.
TAIC gave the next highest moduli and, following the elongation trend, SRTMA had the lowest moduli.
The control, SRTMA and TAIC samples had stress-strain curves which were steep for the first 100% elongation (slope about 2), but tapered off to more gentle slopes after reaching 100% elongation (slopes from 3/5 to 1).
The TAIC formulations had the smallest magnitude changes in both properties, with changes in tensile strength under 6% and changes in Eb under 15%.
The SRTMA and TAIC compounds tested at 250 V/mil and 240 V/mil respectively for DS.
TAIC formulations were the least water resistant of the coagent formulations.