TAIEXTaiwan Stock Exchange
TAIEXTechnical Assistance Information Exchange (est. 1996; EU)
TAIEXTechnical Assistance Information Exchange Office (EU)
TAIEXTechnical Assistance Information Service
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As a result, the aim of this TAIEX mission is to further develop the FDMS and its capacity.
Twinning and TAIEX, institutional reforms tools financed by the European Union and to support Armenian state institutions in applying
The returns shown above for the TCS Index are also calculated on a net basis but the TAIEX is measured on a gross return basis, with the full reinvestment of all dividends received.
The specific objective of the assignment is to provide an assessment of the relevance, added value and cost effectiveness (efficiency) of TAIEX assistance by: assessing the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, sustainability of TAIEX assistance, providing lessons learnt and recommendations for decision-making on improvement of future financial assistance.
The Eurex/TAIFEX Link extends the trading time of TAIEX futures and options to European and U.
However, as with stock markets globally, the TAIEX was hit with a wave of selling at month-end, touched off by concerns on Wall Street over the potential of high default rates in sub-prime mortgages in the U.
The Eurex/TAIFEX Link enables Eurex s international member base to access the TAIEX index derivatives market during European and US core trading hours.
1 general elections, the TAIEX has so far gained 24.
With this link, Eurex Exchange will list TAIEX futures and options as daily expiring futures on Eurex Exchange.
The TAIEX last closed above the 5,200 mark in mid-June.
The Fund's share price also increased, but to a lesser extent as the discount widened, and underperformed both the TCS Index and the TAIEX in US$ terms.
The high-tech-heavy TAIEX, which also posted sharp gains Monday and Tuesday, has now gained 10.