TAIHTexas Association for Investigative Hypnosis (Houston, TX)
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Abdullah Taih Joma'ah has met a delegation of the Saudi Organization of Physicians Across Continents led by Dr.
17 November 2010 - China-based and AIM-listed biopharmaceutical company Taihua Natural Plant Pharmaceutical Co Ltd (AIM: TAIH) said yesterday it appointed on 12 November local Xi'an Zaolutang Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd as the sole distributor of Biantong Pian in China.
(135.) VPVr 1.180/144 (232.8-10): sa[dot{n}]k[bar{i}]rn[bar{a}]y[bar{a}][dot{m}] v[bar{a}]ci s[bar{a}]dhuvisaye 'pa[acute{s}]abd[bar{a}]h prayujyante \ taih [acute{s}]ist[bar{a}] laksanavidah s[bar{a}]dh[bar{u}]n pratipadyante tair eva s[bar{a}]dhubhis tadartham abhidh[bar{i}]yam[bar{a}]na[dot{m}] pa[acute{s}]yanti \ anum[bar{a}]na[dot{m}] tu dh[bar{u}]ma iv[bar{a}]gner as[bar{a}]dhur itares[bar{a}]m.