TAIITarget Attachment Individual Identifier
TAIITalo Analytic International, Inc (Georgia, USA)
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The results reported that five of the six intervention classes reached the criterion level of a 25% increase on the TAII by the end of the third week; the remaining class reached this level at the end of week 4.
The bank said that it was ending storefront services under the Taii name as part of a 'general reorganisation of operations following the merger of Itau and Unibanco.' Itau-Unibanco said that it would close up the remaining 135 Taii storefronts by May, adding that nearly 1,000 employees at the stores will be absorbed into other Itau-Unibanco units.
Coverage is from 1993 to the present and coverage beginning in 1981 is available in the TAII database.
Particle size was determined using a Coulter Counter Model TAII instrument, which employs an electrical zone sensing method to cause a resistance change (voltage spike) proportional to particle volume.
Summary: Mohammad Al Taii in provisional custody in the case of issuing a Dh7 million bounced cheque
All the intervention classes were assessed for intervention implementation at the end of the second week to establish baseline rates and again at the end of the third week of intervention to check for criterion implementation, based on the TAII (described below).
We studied BstNI, BslI, Tsp509I, Tru9I, TagI, TaiI, TthHB8I, and MwoI and report experiments with BstNI.
By itself, the G-to-A nucleotide change destroys a unique restriction site only for the expensive MaeII endonuclease (isoschizomers, TaiI and TscI).
editorial board and executive editor of Paper-Money (www.globalpapermoney.org), which is published by TAPPI and TAII. Contact him at jthompson@taii.com.
Jim Thompson's day job is managing TAII (www.taii.com).