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TAIMTotal Asset Integrity Management (various companies)
TAIMTrial of Antihypertensive Interventions and Management (medical study)
TAIMTexas Academy of Internal Medicine (Austin, TX)
TAIMTechnischer Arbeitskreis Industrieller Metalldeckenhersteller (German: Technical Association of Industrial Metal Ceilings)
TAIMTotal Army Inventory Management
TAIMTechnical Asset Integrity Management (ship machinery systems)
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Around my childhood country house in Karjametsa farm [looduslik taim was for me] everything that was growing outside my grandma's garden and for which grandma was not taking care of, eg.
These persons, charged with opening fire in Al-Sulaibiyah and Taim districts, were nabbed after the MoI tracked them down and burst into some hideouts, the ministry said in an official statement.
Im alteren Schriftestnisch haben aber diese Worter interessante, ihre Bedeutung betreffende Entwicklungen durchlaufen, deren Entsprechungen sind auch der (junge) Lachs oder die junge Meerforelle gewesen: taim Lachs (Stahl 1637 : 83), taim Lachs (Goseken 1660 : 271), Taim Junger Lachs, Lachsforelle', Noorjas 'Eine Lachs Forelle' (Vestring 1998 : 63), taim junge 'Lachsforelle', noorjas 'Lachsforelle' (Hupel 1818 : 238, 156).
Le film decrit, durant trente six minutes, les manifestations du joug abominable subi par la population palestinienne, a travers un periple qui mene Zaid Taim, un artiste palestinien residant en Hollande, a Ramallah.
Gad riili riili bles yu an im a waak wid yu all di taim.
tenagophila Taim strain, a diffuse and focal hemocytic infiltration were observed in the cephalopodal tissue of the infected highly resistant snails and were found to be associated with rapid parasite destruction after penetration (Negrao-Correa et al.
Ever since the restaurant Taim opened in New York's West Village in 2006, owners Einat Admony (an Israeli native) and her husband Stefan Nafziger have been bringing sabich to the masses.
Ff eon 01248 430312 ROBERTS GARETH DAVID May 8, 2012 Aged 59 years peacefully at his home in Giva Taim, Israel surrounded by his loving wife Khaf, daughters Karen and Jessica, and son in law Avi.
What we are saying is that in the Taim Waiser technology of compost creation, there is no oil used.