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TAKOTexas Area Killifish Organization (American Killfish Association)
TAKOTechnology Applications Contracting Office (Ft. Eustis, VA)
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Intestinal morphometry which includes intestinal length and digestive capacity showed significant difference at harvesting stage in the treatment groups when compared with control, which is supported by (Tako, et al., 2004, Smirnov, et al., 2006; Bohorquez, et al., 2007).
Ako se u odredenoj zajednici drzi da zene moraju biti skromnije, uljudnije i profinjenije od muskaraca, tada se ocekuje da i njihov govor bude skromniji, uljudniji i profinjeniji od muskoga govora, pa se u javnome diskursu zenama savjetuje i nalaze da upravo tako govore ili ih se osuduje ako tako ne govore.
According to the reports, a speeding pick-up overturned due to its over speed near Tako Baran and as a result, a youth identified as Zafar Iqbal was killed on the spot, while four other persons namely, Mohammad Afzal, Abdul Sattar, Niaz Ahmed and Mohammad Altaf sustained critical injuries.
Sam, 50, said: "Tako was a healthy 11-year-old and we never had any idea he had a bone marrow problem until June this year.
Therefore, our goal is to establish the necessary grain drying, storage, and feed processing capability to allow the Tako Hie harvest center to process local grain into feed for the pig farm and make it available to other livestock farmers in the area.
Edited by Krishnaiyan "KT" Thulasiraman, Subramanian Arumugam, Andreas Brandstadt, and Tako Nishizeki
Pryce in 2012 and 2013 led to the discovery of additional circular structures on the surface in two different locations: in Saprim ('Old Place' in Rmet language), less than 2 km away from the site of the initial excavation (hereafter Site 2), and in Tako Kao ('Old Tako'), another Rmet village located three hours' walk further west (hereafter Site 3).
Barbara Tako is a breast cancer survivor since 2010 and a melanoma survivor since 2014.
Hiking guide author William Sullivan will present information about winter hiking, including many trips detailed in his books, as you enjoy a pint of Claim 52 brew and tacos from the Twisted Tako food truck.
[ClickPress, Mon Jan 05 2015] Barbara Tako is the author of Cancer Survivorship Coping Tools: We'll get you through this (AYNI, 2015), a new honest and helpful book filled with emotional survival tools for cancer survivors, and Clutter Clearing Choices (O-Books, 2010), a previously successful and exceptionally motivating and witty book that is filled with great advice on how to get rid of clutter and get organized.
"The Good Dog" is a fun, creative story about Tako, a little abandoned puppy who is found shivering and afraid in a cardboard box by Ricky Lee, who crashed into Tako's box with his bike.
Tako Wasabi ($3.80) has raw chopped octopus with pickles marinated in a wasabi sauce.