TALDTactical Air-Launched Decoy
TALDThought and Language Disorder Scale (neuropsychology)
TALDTeaching, Assessment and Learning Developments (UK)
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TALD cases were reported during 2009 to ECDC by most ELDSNet members.
For the purpose of this analysis, we included TALD cases with disease onset in 2009 and retrieved the patients' places of residence and travel history from TESSy.
For a given country of destination, risk for TALD was defined as the number of cases divided by the number of nights spent in that country by all travelers (population at risk).
The ITALD has a range of about 160 nmi, compared with 67 nmi for the TALD, and can make up to seven preprogrammed waypoints based on GPS-identified locations, allowing the device to zig and zag and otherwise imitate the movement of a fighter let, the radar cross-section of which the decoy is intended to resemble.
Delivery of 20 of the updated TALDs -- fitted with Teledyne CAE 312 engines and GPS-aided inertial-navigation systems, allowing them to better simulate the flight pattern of manned aircraft -- will be made every month for a total of 185 units, said Steve Hogan, the Navy's program manager for aerial targets and decoys.
In 2000 five TALDS were upgraded with GPS capability, but the ITALDs received in January are the first that are ready for use in the field.
Built by Brunswick Defense (Skokie, IL) and IMI/TAAS of Israel for use on US Navy F-14s, the air-launched TALD glider replicates the radar signature of a standard-sized fighter.
Meanwhile, flight testing of the Improved TALD (which adds a turbojet engine to the unpowered TALD glider) has begun; after a lull to make a few design changes, these tests should resume this month.
The TALD versions may carry active or passive payloads in a nose radome or a chaff dispenser in a ventral bay.
Currently, TALD is purchased by the Navy for its use and that of the Marine Corps.
Being field-programmable to simulate a wide variety of flight profiles, TALD has also found an application that not generally fits in the "expendables" category: it has been used by the Navy and Marine Corps as a target.
IMI is upgrading US Navy stocks of around 6000 Talds to Itald standard and has recently teamed with Northrop Grumman to further develop the concept.