TALHThick Ascending Limb of Henle
TALHTexas Academy of Leadership in the Humanities (Lamar University)
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This started with the implementing a major projects to pave the Sinhur road, which would benefit seven villages in Talh, with a population of more than 3,500, and provide jobs for 160 people directly and 800 people indirectly.
In the OM, aldosterone elevated the intensity score from 2 to 3 in the tLH and staining in the TALH and the MCD diminished to trace levels.
Soaring mountains, waterfalls, abundant agricultural terraces and wide valleys adorned with palm, sidur and talh trees create a striking panaroma for visitors on the road to the Abes center in the heart of Al-Majardah and Khat
The paper concludes that 19 (Arabic names: Men; Basal; Soom and foom; Khardal; Caphor; Ghessa; Yakteen and Daba; Teen; Adas; Talh; Rehan; Zaiytoon; Nahal, Balah, Tammar, Rutab and etc; Khamt; Asl; Inab; Zanjabil; Sidar) plants name have been mentioned of 32 Surahs in Holy Quran.
The interviewed beekeepers reported that they move their colonies primarily during the flowering periods of the Ziziphusspina-christi (Sidr) Acacia origena (Talh) Acacia tortilis (Sumra) Acacia ehrenbergiana (Salam) Acacia asak (Dahiana) and Lavendula species in order of importance based on their honey production potential.
In Saada province, the warplanes launched an airstrike on Ja'malh area of Make district, an airstrike on Shada border district and four airstrikes hit Talh area of Sehar district.
In the classical texts of Persian herbal medicine, a plant called talh may improbably be related to Musa x paradisiaca L.
They denied a rebel claim on Wednesday that a family had been killed in the Talh region when their house was hit by rockets.
Houthi rebels in Saada have attacked the displaced people camps by missiles in al-Malahidh and Talh area at Sehar district and left many dead and injured of innocent citizens.
The majority of the IDPs are from the Sahar, Majz and Haydan districts, and include communities as Bani Maath and Al Talh (Sahar), Haydan town and Dahyan (Majz).
They added that they lack medical services in the four camps of Al-Anad, Ahmed Talh, Al-Ahsa and Sam.