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She might as well tell him, she thought she could talk about Dickon without mentioning the secret garden.
If the desire to talk came to him when the two were walking in the fields, he sought out a stump or the top board of a fence and with his hands pounding busily talked with re- newed ease.
Some of them gets on the police, and some of them learns people how to talk French.
So that was the way the Doctor came to know that animals had a language of their own and could talk to one another.
Pendleton--or rather, she tried to talk to her about him.
It was not until sunset that they went down to the boat, and even then a final talk of nearly an hour took place on the beach.
They talk about giving me a home job and I don't think I could stick it.
Sitting squatted on his haunches, his head bowed forward and held between her hands, he would talk and talk and elicit never a responsive word from her.
and clean forgetting to be shy, or polite to my companion, I hastened across to her, to be greeted instantly in a manner so exclusively intimate that the little crowd about her presently spread itself among the other crowds, and we were left to talk alone.
Martin wanted him to talk shop, and, though he seemed averse at first, succeeded in making him do it.
I wanted to talk to him; I wanted to know what he'd done.
The lady that kept the books seemed to want so much to talk to me in English (for the sake of practice, too, I suppose), that I couldn't bear to let her know I didn't like it.